Lee Willis


April 19, 2016
by Lee

Looking ahead

I’ve spent the last four and half years working with a great team, on some fascinating, large-scale (predominantly Drupal) website builds. I’ve balanced that with a “spare-time” job building and selling WordPress plugins. Working on WordPress plugins in my spare-time gave … Continue reading


December 4, 2015
by Lee
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Festive Wapuus

The latest version (2.4) of Wapuuvatar includes some lovely new Wapuus, including an evil Wapuu, Swedish Wapuu, Swiss Wapuu and Edu-Wapuu It also features a festive Wapuu. As it’s starting to feel a bit like Christmas, it also includes a … Continue reading

March 27, 2014
by Lee

Now live on EDD

I’ve now been live on Easy Digital Downloads for a little under 48hours. I  compromised (temporarily) on some of my original goals, and there’s definitely a post go-live list, but I’m pretty happy with it. You can see the new … Continue reading


March 26, 2014
by Lee


Scope is an interesting thing. Scope discussions are unavoidable. If you’re building something for yourself, that leads to some interesting situations – you’re torn, and because it’s an argument with yourself there’s never going to be a clear winner. So … Continue reading