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Everyone needs a fun project every now and then, something that’s not serious, doesn’t have deadlines, or fixed set of requirements. Something that you can just play with.

I first came across Wapuus at WordCamp London, where Scott Evans had designed an awesome Punk Wapuu which covered posters, stickers – and even scarves! (You can see some of the artwork here: https://london.wordcamp.org/2015/). It turns out that the Wapuu character was original developed by the Japanese WordPress community, released under the GPL, and has since been modified by many people for many different events / purposes.

Every better – they’re maintaining an archive of publicly release Wapuu interpretations.

Coincidence struck when I was:

a) Looking for a just-for-fun project to soothe my soul

b) Stumbled upon a tweet by @NickHamze


Well, I couldn’t resist – the timing seemed just right 🙂

So if you want your WordPress avatars to be cute Wapuus in various poses – the wait is over – check out Wapuuvatar on GitHub – or download it from WordPress.org.

by Lee Willis

Uses Wapuus from the Wapuu archive as your site avatars.


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Use Wapuus for user avatars in WordPress
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