Lee Willis

Region-based shipping with WP e-Commerce


I’ve been asked a few times about how to split up countries into regions and charge shipping differently to the different areas in WP E-Commerce. This was something that was almost, but not quite possible with one of my existing plugins.

Now it’s just a little bit easier.

What You’ll Need

In this example we’re going to show how to achieve the following:

  • Set of Weight rates for New Zealand (North Island)
  • Set of Weight rates for New Zealand (South Island)
  • Set of Weight rates for the rest of Asia/Pacific
  • Set of Weight rates for Europe

The Plan

To acheive our end goal we’re going to:

  1. Create 2 regions attached to the country “New Zealand”
  2. Remove New Zealand from the Asia and Pacific continent (So people ordering to NZ see those prices, not the general “Asia and Pacific” pricing
  3. Set up per-country/region rates for New Zealand
  4. Set up per-continent rates for Asia and Pacific, and Europe

Getting Started

The first job is to find out the “country ID” for New Zealand. Using your favourite database you’ll want to look in the wp_wpsc_currency_list table for the entry for New Zealand, and make a note of the value of the “id” field – in our case 156.

While we’re here, we’ll also move New Zealand out of it’s current continent. This basically just involves updating the same record, and setting the continent field to something unique, e.g.

Next – you’ll need to create whatever regions you want in the wp_wpsc_region_tax table, using the ID you’ve just found as the “country_id” field, e.g.

Configuring your pricing

That’s all with the scary database stuff, now on to the easy stuff. First of all you’ll need to activate both of the shipping modules:

First up we’ll configure the continent-based pricing. Click on “Edit” next to the weight-continent pricing. Up will pop the configuration pane, with a drop-down of the standard continents – and also our “newzealand” continent – which we’re not going to use since New Zealand is going to be priced by region.

Let’s pick Europe, and configure some weight rates.

In this case we’ve just configured one weight band – which means that anything shipped to Europe will be charged at the same rate – £80 in this case.

We can do the same for Asia and Pacific, except maybe setting up multiple layers using the “Add Layer” link.

At this stage shipping will work for Europe, Asia and Pacific, but not for New Zealand (Since we took it out of Asia and Pacific).

Click on “Edit” next to the Weight / Country and Region pricing. Up will pop the configuration pane, with a drop-down of the countries, including regions where configured – for example, we can see our North Island, and South Island regions here:

Selecting a region gives us the chance to configure weight rates, e.g.

Repeat for other regions, and you’re set. Happy Shipping!

Note: All weights should be set up in lbs, no matter what weight unit you used to set the weight for your products. WP e-Commerce will convert between them for you.


  1. Hi Lee. I had posted a request in September for zip-code based shipping and you suggested that we custom code our solution. We’ve customized your WP E-Commerce Skeleton Shipping Method plugin to calculate the shipping rates based on the product selected and the shipping zip code; it works great! We also customized the plugin and saved it as a different file for a $0 shipping amount when the customer picks the product up at our warehouse. The customer can calculate shipping by entering the state and zip code and pressing the calculate button.

    Is there a way to for WP e-commerce to force the customer to calculate and include shipping or select warehouse pickup before submitting payment? I’m concerned that they can add a product to the cart, designate the shipping state but NOT press ‘calculate’ so they can checkout with paypal without shipping added to the order.

    The site is http://triccover.com/store.

    Thanks for your help. If you need more info, you can send me mail at mike@meshbiz[dot].com.

    • Hi,

      It looks like it’s a bug in your custom shipping module. It’s returning a price of $0.00 before the user has chosen a state/region. You should modify it so that if it’s unable to calculate a quote it should return an empty array, e.g. Array(). That way when the customers reach checkout they’ll have the “Pickup option”, but there won’t be a “Shipped” option until they choose a state and Calculate.

    • Hello Michael loewenberg and Lee,

      Will u please help me, in same Issue mentioned above “zip-code based shipping”

      can u show me the code for that ..


      • Here is the flow or task in need

        * User arrives at the shopping cart page and enters the billing details
        * User checks off a box to automatically propagate the shipping details
        * As soon as a postal code is entered into the shipping area, the shipping price should automatically calculate
        * User must only enter the postal code in the following format (the first three characters are the most important)
        * Alternatively, there can be a button that the user can press below the shipping area that will then display the shipping price for that region
        * Before the user can click on the “pay” button, the shipping price must be displayed
        * The shipping price is calculated based on the first three characters of the postal code entered

  2. Hi Lee,

    sorry my english.. I am from Chile…

    I have to configurate too many “weight rates” for too many “regions”…i have definition in Excel…and i want to load directly to MySQL (avoiding typeit)

    in which table do that???


  3. Hi Lee..
    I saw Marta’s message with the OK answer .

    thanks again

  4. Hi Lee..

    quite green in using wordpress and html codes, pardon me for any ignorance..

    I hope to allow users of my website to select shipping based on country/continent/weight, instead of waiting for my email reply.

    so I’m wondering if it is possible to change the preset continents (Africa, South America, Europe etc.)to 4 zone areas/Continents instead
    i.e. I would have to rename to Singapore, Zone 1, Zone 2 and Zone 3 for the different groups of countries?

    fyi, my weight table layers is based on local rates and overseas postage rates -Airmail rates at http://www.singpost.com/send-documentparcel/postage-rates.html

    For example i hope to achieve at checkout, user can choose their country to calculate total cart weight + shipping charges:
    e.g. When user select Singapore – 1 set of weight layers
    Zone 1 – Zone 1 fixed set of weight layers
    Zone 2 – Zone 2 fixed set of weight layers
    Zone 3 – Zone 2 fixed set of weight layers

    Is this possible with your plugin? If yes, pls kindly advise me on what to do and exactly where to change the codes…

    pls reply to my email asap, if possible. appreciate deeply! =)

    • sorry wrong example i just realised…pls ignore..at checkout user will still be selecting their country, not by zone..sorry 😛

      rather what i want to achieve is:
      1) to change the continent assigned for each country to my specified zones in the backend, so that i may assign the appropriate weight layers according to the zones

      2)be able to reflect the new zones on the option at the wp shipping interface when weight continent module selected so that i may update the weight layers according to my country’s airmail rates.

      is it possible? thanks!

      • You can do that yes, but you’ll have to make the continent changes directly yourself in the database, in the wp_wpsc_currency_list table I believe. Any changes you make there will be automatically picked up in the weight/continent config as you suggested in option (2).

        An alternative solution would be to use this:

        That will let you set up weight rates for “Singapore only”, and then to set a separate set of weight rates for “Zone 1″, and let you choose which countries are in that zone etc.

  5. Hi Lee,
    Just saw the video for your premium shipping plugin.
    Looks impressive!

    Just one question:
    Is it possible to do free shipping on orders over $100 (only for Australia).

    I know that I can go in and create it with Order Value.
    But the client would then have to choose this, wouldn’t he/she? (‘Free shipping on orders over $100′)
    Or can the plugin go in and calculate weight based on orders over $100 and then Order Value on orders over $100? (So I just have a ‘shipping Australia’, which calculates on weight, but over $100 it switches to Order Value)

  6. Hi Lee

    Hopefully you can advise where I’m going wrong but having installed your plugin and set up weight rates and setting the weight/continent shipping option to “Single quote for total cart weight”, I am finding that its not adding up the weight of each item in the cart, its simply taking the heaviest item in the cart and using that weight to set the shipping. Regardless of whether I have 1 item or 100 of the same items in the cart, it always gives me the shipping for the one item.

    I’m running WP 3.2.1, WPEC and your plugin version 4.4. Any ideas?


    • Sorry, it was the lbs / grams issue, what confused me is that for a single item it did seem to be calculating it correctly say at my third postage level which is anything over 250gm, even though the item obviously wasnt anywhere near 250lbs!

      Anyway all sorted, thanks for the great plugin.

  7. Lee,

    Here’s my situation:

    We need to charge a certain set of weight rates for:

    1. the 50 US states.

    2. Canada and Mexico

    3. The rest of the world.

    Can you give me insight on how this can best be accomplished?

    • Set the US State bands up against the USA, Canada/Mexico rates against Canada, Canada/Mexico rates against Mexico, and then for the “Rest of the World” – you’ll have to set the rates against each of the other continents.

    • Hi Rob

      I’ve just done almost exactly that for a site I’m developing, but with UK, Europe and rest of world shipping rates.

      The way I did it was pretty much how Lee describes above but only using the continent shipping option. I then went into the database, changed UK countries from “Europe” to “UK”, then changed all the other countries other than UK and Europe to “restofworld” using a find and replace mySQL script in PHPMyAdmin, for example to replace “Asia” with “restofworld”

      In your case you’d set the USA country to a continent of say “USA” rather than NorthAmerica, then leave Mexico and Canada as northamerica and change every other country to continent code “restofworld”, which then gives you the three distinct “continents” to set weight rates for in the admin area.

      The alternative without running the find/replace script is to do the same to differentiate the USA, then change Canada and Mexico to something unique (say “otherNA”) then set up all the other continents with the same weight rates, but obviously you then need to do it 5 or 6 times for each continent, so it’s more of an ongoing admin overhead.


  8. Here’s an idea that might be helpful:

    You could perhaps have these rates work IN ADDITION to the standard weight rates, so that the default WPEC rates are used unless rates are defined through this plugin. That would make my job really easy in this instance, I would have just setup my default rate, then rates for USA, Mexico and Canada.

    Of course, I could be mistaken and it already works like that! Let me know.

  9. Ah, I think I’m all set then. Lee, could I set things up how I’ve described by setting the default weight rate to my “rest of the world” rates, then setup specific tables for the USA, Mexico and Canada?

    I’ve just discovered your Premium Shipping plugin – I think I’ll buy that one as well for a different project. I’d suggest linking to it on any shipping related posts to boost your sales perhaps. Thank you for all that you do to make WPEC better Lee!

    • Ah, I think I’m all set then. Lee, could I set things up how I’ve described by setting the default weight rate to my “rest of the world” rates, then setup specific tables for the USA, Mexico and Canada?

      You can, but customers in the USA, Mexico and Canada will see both rates to choose from (The country-specific ones) and the default weight-rate one…

  10. Rob, did you see my alternative above, I think that gives you what you need just from the one plugin?

  11. Okay looks like I’m all set, thank you Chris, and of course – thank you Lee! One last question for now. I’m only using one shipping option. So The message to choose a shipping method is not needed. I see where I can change the title of the shipping method, but how can I get rid of the “- Choose a Shipping Rate” text.

    For those wanting to change the shipping option title, it’s right here on line 55 of wp-e-commerce-weight-continent-shipping.php –

    $this->name = “Weight / Continent Shipping”;

  12. For info here’s the MySql query I ran to change all the continent entries, just change “africa” to the other continents one by one until they’re all replaced

    SELECT * FROM `wp_wpsc_currency_list` WHERE `continent` LIKE ‘%africa%’
    UPDATE `wp_wpsc_currency_list` SET `continent` = replace(continent, ‘africa’, ‘rest_of_world’)

    If anyone uses it, obviously backup the database before running it, just in case!

  13. Hi Lee – I have used this plugin multiple times now, and I absolutely love it. I wont use any other e-commerce plugin! I installed the premium shipping plugin to extend my shipping options – for whatever reason, the shipping info is not showing up in the paypal transaction log. I need this info to be sent to paypal in order for the fulfillment company to be able to access this info. Any advice would be incredibly helpful. Thanks!

    • As far as I’m aware there’s no way to pass a shipping description to PayPal and have it show up there. The chosen shipping method should be displayed in the WP e-Commerce sales log.

  14. Hi,

    Great plugin!

    I run my store in French and I’d like to translate some strings (like “Weight / Continent Shipping-” on the chekout page for example).

    I’ve installed the CodeStylling Localization plugin to find the strings I want to translate it doesn’t find ant .po or .mo files.

    So I guess I have to change the code itself to achieve what I want, am I right?

    Also, I’ll launch the english version of my site soon so it’ll be multilingual. I will have to make this plugin translatable. Is this a feature you’re thinking about or not? In the last case, would you be able to do it for $$$$?

    Thank you,

  15. Thanks.

    I’ll buy the premium one.

  16. Hi

    Thanks for the great plugin. I’m currently using the free version, but may upgrade to the premium in order to be able to restrict the free shipping over x.xx order value to only the local geographical region.

    Just a couple of questions I wanted to ask, both of the free & premium versions – I’ve done as you suggest in this article, so have both ‘by region’ and ‘by contintent’ enabled, with my local UK split into two regions, and the UK moved out of Europe, with rates set for the two UK regions, and all the continents.

    As far as the website visitor is concerned there is no choice as to which shipping calculation method they will use, so why does the website prompt them to select the only one available? I can see why this would be there for when there is a choice, but surely there’s no need for the radio button if there is only one choice?

    Secondly, surely if someone is going to combine the two (by region & by continent) as I have and as you suggest here, shouldn’t the plugin try each country/region first, then automatically switch to the continent if nothing is defined for the county/region? This would prevent the need to ‘hack’ (as some would call it) the database tables to remove the UK from Europe, or in your example, New Zealand from Asia Pacific.

    I presume as your instructions tell us to do this, it won’t work as expected if we don’t, so presumably the by continent shipping fee would apply even for countries which have explicit shipping fees defined, or would the two fees be combined in this case (I haven’t tried it myself)?


    • As far as the website visitor is concerned there is no choice as to which shipping calculation method they will use, so why does the website prompt them to select the only one available? I can see why this would be there for when there is a choice, but surely there’s no need for the radio button if there is only one choice?

      That’s handled by WP e-Commerce itself, not the shipping plugin. If you wanted to, you could amend your theme file not to show this as a radio button. The file to change would be wpsc-shopping_cart_page.php.

      presumably the by continent shipping fee would apply even for countries which have explicit shipping fees defined, or would the two fees be combined in this case (I haven’t tried it myself)?

      The user would see both shipping methods and would be able to choose one or the other.

  17. Is there an easy way to use this plugin to calculate the shipping = (weight * number)?

    I need to multiply the sum weight of the cart by a number per region if you can help me.


    • The easiest way to achieve that would be set all of your product weights to 1lb, and then just set up the weight bands you need based on the sum you mentioned. There’s no way with this plugin to have them auto-calculated. The best solution if you need that would be a custom plugin. Happy to give you a quote to build that if you drop me a note on the contact page.

  18. Lee,

    Great plugin, but I’m now having an issue. I just upgraded to the latest version of both wp-ecommerce and your plugin. On the checkout screen, I used to be able to select my region and click calculate to get the shipping information to populate. Now that option does not exist. I’m not sure where it is getting the shipping total, but it’s there. Also, the Shipping State (in the database) is always populated with Georgia (that’s where the business is based).

    Any ideas?


    • I believe that the problem with the shipping form not showing up is related to a conflict between your WPSC theme files, and the version of WP e-Commerce you’re running. The fix should be to amend wp-content/themes/nealsmith/wpsc-shopping_cart_page.php.

      Look for the line that reads:
      <?php if(wpsc_uses_shipping() && wpsc_has_shipping_form()): ?>
      and change it to:
      <?php if( wpsc_uses_shipping() ): ?>

      • Hi Lee,

        Thanks for the suggestion, however, that file seems to be fine. Unless I have the wrong one. I found it in /wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/wpsc-theme. I do not have a nealsmith directory nor does my theme have that file in it.

        Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  19. Hi Lee,

    I want to set up more than one table rates for multiple shipping options. Can I do, if yes I would also like to change the default labels for “Table Rate”.

    Thanks in advance!

  20. Hi Lee,

    How sort regions in alphabetic order???
    In which file/function ??
    In “manage Region” they are ordered, but in front-end arent

    Thank you
    (Sorry my english)

  21. Hello,

    What would prevent the Weight Bands from showing up to be configured? The website is configured with the latest updates to WordPress and the new WP-Ecommerce released on April 17th. It uses the Storefront Designer theme.

    The site is located in the U.S., so I have edited the database to give the U.S. its own region (unitedstates). I have not edited the region tax table since that’s already done for the U.S. with the states. Shipping to all 50 states would be configured the same.

    I have installed and activated the plug-in. I can see my new “continent” on the list, but I cannot activate the weight band configuration for any of the continents or options.

    I’ve deactivated all other plugins aside from WP-EC and have tried using the 2010 theme in case of conflicts.

    Nothing seems to be working for me.

    Any suggestions as to what I might’ve done wrong? Thanks very much!


    • Hi Anne,

      WP e-Commerce 3.8.8 changed the HTML and Ajax for the shipping form settings. They’ll be an update out to fix it at some point – probably next week.

  22. Hi Lee,

    I think my prob is the same as Anne’s… I’ve been setting up an e-commerce site for a client for several weeks and configured your plugin some time ago. Everything’s set ready to go live and I thought I’d check over the settings in your plugin so I could walk my client through it… only to find that the shipping variables I put in are no longer showing up in the settings. I just upgraded to the latest version of WP e-Commerce a couple of days ago.

    I hope they’ll have that fix out soon – I now have to email my client and tell them their site launch has been further delayed… (I’m already two weeks late on having it ready for them – d’oh!)

    Anyway, thanks for the awesome plugin!!

    • Just to be clear, the “fix” that’s required is an update to my plugin. My Premium plugins are updated already, I just haven’t had chance to get around to the free ones yet…

  23. Is it possible to have the following:

    Free shipping for a product in US & Canada
    International shipping rates for the product is based on weight

    • If you’re talking about settings for your whole store/customer’s order then yes – that’s perfectly possible with this plugin – although there may be ome work to set it up, and potentially duplicated sets of rates to cover all of the locations you want to cover.

      If you want different rates for different products individually, then based on what you’ve said, you’d need something like this (Check out per-product pricing).


      • Thanks Lee. I’m interested in the premium plugin. I have most of my rates set up with the regular plugin, do I need to set up everything again if I update to the premium plugin. I really need the premium plugin for just one product and don’t need to adjust my current setup.

  24. Hei Lee,

    just say thank you for your plugin and your help. I updated this to 4.5 and I’m experimenting problems in the checkout page… The form (address and personal data) is not showed… I review my template file as you said in older posts and all is ok…

    Any idea??? Thank you!


  25. Hi Lee

    Im just changing our postage in preparation for Royal Mail’s price changes on Monday and it’s given me an idea for a development assuming I cant do it already. What I’d really like to be able to do is to set an upper limit on the postage weight, after which maybe the customer could get a configurable a message to contact us. For example European shipping over 2kgs is a bit of a nightmare to configure as Royal Mail dont really offer anything generic over 2kgs, and most couriers don’t charge a set amount for all European destinations. With UPS for example it can vary from £18 to £40+ for a 2kg parcel to Europe depending on where in Europe its going. Obviously I could set a cover-everything level for Europe but it will scare off customers not wanting to pay over £40 postage when it might be less than half that, so rather than further split down my European region into about 3 different regions which is tied to a particular courier’s pricing plans, what I’d like to be able to do is set my postage levels for smaller sized European parcels as normal based on RM Airmail prices, but set a limit of 2kgs after which the customer gets a message to contact us for a postage quote. Not many of our parcels are over 2kgs so it wouldnt affect a huge amount of customers, but it would be nice not to scare them off completely with an overly inflated postage price.


  26. Hi Lee,

    I’ve just installed the plugin but it’s not working the way i want. I would like to use this only for France and calculate the appropriate cost of shipping per total weight of products.

    I’ve made 2 layers in Europe with 2 different weight and prices like this to test:
    Weight over : 0.70 price: 15
    Weight over: 0.10 price: 10

    I’ve set up product with a weight of 0.6

    The results are not good for example i would like that when there are 2 same product in the cart the result return 15 for price shipping but it doesn’t change and indicates 10. When i test with 10 products, shipping cost are at 15 so i don’t understand how to set up or if it’s a problem with weight convert unit for me in (Grammes). Could you please help me ?

    Thanks a lot

  27. Hi Lee,
    Thank you for this awesome plugin. It works like a charm. There is just one thing i need to know.. i had recently deleted “Illinios” form the region list and re-added it later..Everything works perfect but “Illinios” is now listed at the bottom of the select list on the checkout page. Is there something i can do to show the list in alphabetical order?

  28. Lee, is there an option of using kg for the weight instead of lb? Otherwise converting is fine? tx

  29. Hi Lee,
    Will i get support if i buy the premium plugin? I am quoting my question again:

    Thank you for this awesome plugin. It works like a charm. There is just one thing i need to know.. i had recently deleted “Illinios” form the region list and re-added it later..Everything works perfect but “Illinios” is now listed at the bottom of the select list on the checkout page. Is there something i can do to show the list in alphabetical order?


  30. Hi Lee,

    A scenario:
    An order starts with an item of a minimum weight of 1.0kg. The shipping cost will depend on which region it will be delivered to. However, any additional item regardless of weight will incur an accumulated rate, say, $2 per item respectively.

    Can this be done with your plugin? If so, may I know how, please?

    Thank you in advance,

    • I’m not quite sure what you’re asking. If you want the first item to cost $x, and each subsequent item to cost $y-per item, then you could use my Premium plugin to set a table rate based on “number of items”, and set up enough rates to cover most customer orders.

      Or are you saying that the first item cost is based on a weight-rate, but then each add-on item is a fixed $-amount. I can’t imagine how that would work, what if a customer chose a light item first, and then heavy ones after that…

  31. Hi Lee,

    Thanks for your prompt reply. After giving your comments some thought, I’ve explained the scenarios above terribly. My apologies. The following is a clearer description, and I’ve decided to use ‘cakes’ here to illustrate them.

    Case A:  If plugin detects the Shopping Cart for zero (0) 1.0kg cake, then it will offer Self-Collection option only!

    Case B:  If plugin detects the Shopping Cart for at least one (1) 1.0kg cake, then it will offer both Delivery and Self-Collection options.  For Delivery, the initial delivery cost will be based on one(1) 1.0kg cake for the delivery region, with additional delivery cost of cakes or pastries at $2 per item.

    I hope your plugin can be applied for both cases. Fingers crossed.


    • You could possibly find a combination that worked for everything apart from the pastries adding $2 as subsequent items, I think you’re looking for a custom solution…

      • I think the only approach is still to continue using your plugin, but modify the logic in WP e-Commerce plugin’s shopping cart functions.

      • Hi Lee,

        Is your WP e-Commerce Premium Shipping module capable in configuring what I had described above? Please let me know your thoughts soon.


        • Based on what you’ve said – no – otherwise I would have suggested it 😉

          • Hi Lee,

            You mentioned in your previous reply, “… a combination that worked for everything apart from the pastries adding $2 as subsequent items …” What would you suggest if subsequent cakes/pastries were removed? Which approach is best, either to use your Community or Premium plugin?

            Please provide your kind suggestions.


          • Community should be fine based on what you’ve said.

          • Hi Lee,

            Thanks for the tip. I’ve decided to do away with “adding $2 to subsequent items” as it might confuse the calculation. I’ll continue using your community plugin then.


  32. I am using your WP e-commerce Weight by Destination Shipping Module and considering upgrading to get use of grams as shipping weight but have a problem can you help please.
    Am running WP e-commerce 3.8.8, Gold Cart 2.9.7 and weignt module 4.5
    If I activate weight module and us with payment test gateway all seems to work fine but as soon as I select PayPal Standard as method of payment all goes wrong. The shipping calculation doesn’t work and the address form and purchase button at the bottom of the checkout page disapears. If I disable shipping and select PayPal Standard this the seems to work OK.

    Any thoughts !

  33. Great plugin! I have a question though… I have a flat shipping price for each continent and a special shipping price for some European countries. Now, when user chooses one of those countries he/she needs to choose between “Country and Region Shipping” and “Continental Shipping”. How can I make “Continental Shipping” option not to display when users choose one of those countries with special shipping price? Thanks!

  34. Hi Lee,
    I am having some problems setting this plugin up. I want to take UK out of Europe and have it as its own continent. First of all it took me ages to find wp_wpsc_currency_list and region_tax_table and im not sure if i have edited in the right places which may be why my new regions are not showing up when i try to add my shipping costs. I edited the continent in my c-panel in


    and in


    Im not sure if i have gone to the right place on the last one. If I have done it right then i dont know why nothings changed. I tried deactivating your plugin and that didnt work. I dont use tax on my products so didnt know if i needed to update the tax table but i did anyway. Any ideas?

    Many thanks

  35. Hi Lee,

    How do I ‘hack’ your plugin to recognise kilograms (kgs) rather than pounds (lbs) ?
    Please advise.


    • It’s not simple to advise how to do it – but my Premium Shipping plugin will let you do that:


      • I was afraided that you might have replied as such. In that case, I’ve to revert all of the product weights from kgs to lbs. Sigh …

      • I found in “/wpsc-includes/processing.functions.php”, there is a function “wpsc_convert_weight($in_weight, $in_unit, $out_unit = ‘pound’, $raw = false)” that converts all weights to lbs.

        Could this be why you said that it won’t be simple to advise how to convert from lbs to kgs? Or perhaps it is …

        If it’s nothing to do with your plugin, then a ‘hack’ to WPSC is. Let me know your thoughts about this, Lee.


      • My bad. I looked at the wrong version. The one I’m currently using is WPEC 3.7.7 on WP 3.0.4. That function is simpler than WPEC, which is:

        function wpsc_convert_weights($weight, $unit) {
        if (is_array($weight)) {
        $weight = $weight[‘weight’];
        switch($unit) {
        case “kilogram”:
        $weight = $weight / 0.45359237;

        case “gram”:
        $weight = $weight / 453.59237;

        case “once”:
        case “ounce”:
        $weight = $weight / 16;

        $weight = $weight;
        return $weight;

        It appears that WPEC 3.7.7. defaulted weight unit is in lbs. … Not good.

  36. Thanks for this awesome tutorial, it’s exactly what I needed!

    I have one question: Is it possible to have customers choose by region instead of by country when they are using the shipping calculator at checkout?

    This would be a huge bonus and save me a lot of mucking around.

    As oppposed to what you see in this screenshot

    Any help would be very much appreciated :)

  37. I just bought and installed your premium plugin. Looks like exactly what I need, however, when i tested it I got this error when going to checkout:

    Fatal error: Call to a member function getQuote() on a non-object in /home/wizzpig/public_html/antiques-exquisite.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/wpsc-includes/cart.class.php on line 739

    • Hi James,

      You get that error when you have a shipping option provided by a WordPress plugin selected in the WP e-Commerce settings, then deactivate the plugin without deselecting it – it’s a bug in WP e-Commerce really. To sort it out – reactivate whichever shipping plugins you’ve disabled, deselect them in the WP e-Commerce settings, then you can deactivate the plugins.

      • Thank you Lee. Spot on.

        And again, great plugin! I would have spent days digging around in the database without it!

  38. I am setting up new website http://www.openstore123.com for my fren.
    Encounter the following problem

    I am using rule “Sum of quotes for consolidated items”

    When i place order for 1 item, the shipping cost is 165.50
    when i change the order quantities to 3 item, the shipping cost is also 165.50.

    I would like to use the total weight of the shipment for cost calculation.
    Is there anything wrong with my setup?

    Please help… Thanks

  39. I have a bit of a different problem. I need to be able to use table rates with region shipping. But alas, so far I can tell it has no option to specify a specific country’s prices on the table options.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you!

  40. Hi Lee !
    I just wonder in which table – through MyPhPAdmin – I could import the weight and shipping rates per zone using your Weight / Continent Shipping module.

    I would like to keep this file updated as soon as the tariff changes…


  41. Hi Lee, I have the “weight & country” plugin installed in the site for a business based out of bangkok, I would like to use international shipping rates from the local post. The problem i am having with your plugin is….even though i am able to input rates in the store/shipping for each country and state, while testing checkout for the US and Canada, I am not able to select states from the dropdown, it defaults to California for the US and there is no output for the rate, and for Canada it defaults to Alberta, and again no rate is given. Do i need to set this up in the States individually in the database? Or should I just buy the premium plugin to solve all of these problems? Thanks!

    • Hi – the availability of states at checkout is controlled by WP e-Commerce itself (Unless you’ve removed them using the built in region-editor) – or your WP e-Commerce theme. I’d suggest posting on the getshopped.org forums for advice.

  42. Good evening,
    first of all, great plugin, only problem I’m having is there is no “local” showing up in the dropdown for continents (using weight/continent shipping), so we had an order from someone in the UK who had to pay the same as someone who might order from Germany, I see on your screenshots you have a local field, so firstly it would be great if this was on mine, but also can I add one for say Southern Ireland, and have local as UK?

    Thanks in advance?

  43. Hi Lee

    I am using your plugin and was able to input data for the individual continents. My only problem is I don’t know how to access the database. Can you explain to me how you do this? Do you need special software?
    Thank you

  44. Is there a way to use your plugin to configure flat rate shipping per state by product? Thanks in advance for the help or direction.

  45. Hi,

    thank you for your awesome plugin.

    I have a question, i need to configure two types of shipping:

    -One with a fixed rate for every city of my nation.
    -And one with another fixed rate for other city of my nation.

    I sell in only one nation, can you give me some suggestion?

    Thanks a lot!

  46. Hello,

    thank you for your plugin. Can you please let me know how to change the weight unit for kilos ?

    Best regards,


  47. I have two products, a coffee cake and the other gift cards. The coffee cake needs to have different shipping prices depending on the state it is shipping to. The Gift Cards are a flat rate shipping charge anywhere.

    I have set up the coffee cake shipping fine but cant’ seem to figure out how to add the flat rate shipping for the gift cards. It always comes up with the coffee cake shipping price. Can this be done? Can you direct me to a tutorial or an explanation how to do so.

    Thanks so much!

  48. Hi,

    i have a question, what is the name of the table where are stored the shipping price of every region?

    Thank you so much.

  49. Hi Lee,

    I would like to use multiple shipping providers using different zones. I use the free plugin and it works perfectly for one provider. How could I manage to add a second or third provider for the same region meaning using different prices ?
    Thank you for your prompt reply.

  50. Hi Lee,
    Ok, this is going to sound silly, but I have downloaded/installed your plugin, but where do I find it to customize it like you mentioned at the very top?
    We are based in Aus and this would be a great feature I think.
    Oh, and please no big techy words, I am not tech savvy :)

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