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The following plugins are available for your use. All plugins are licensed under the GPL. If you have any comments / problems using them, then please do get in touch.

Add wp-ecommerce to XML sitemap

Add categories and products from your wp-e-commerce store to a Google XML sitemap.

NB: (Only required for WP e-Commerce 3.7 or lower). For 3.8 and up – I recommend Joost de Valk’s WordPress SEO plugin.

Download The Plugin | Find Out More

Ajax Subscription Forms for Campaign Monitor

This plugin will let you create a widget in any of your sidebars, add in your list ID, and account ID, choose whether to show the “Name” field as well as “Email”. You can also use it to create shortcodes to insert into posts/pages to show the forms inline with other content.

Download The Plugin

WP E-Commerce Dashboard

A selection of admin dashboard widgets showing key information about your WP e-Commerce store, including sales graphs, revenue graphs and other useful information.

Note: The free version of this plugin is only compatible up to WP e-Commerce 3.7.x. For a version that works with WP e-Commerce 3.8 see here » WP e-Commerce Dashboard

Download The Free Plugin for WP e-Commerce 3.7.x

Split Test WordPress Themes

Serve different themes to your users, and use Google Analytics to measure the relative performance of each theme.

Download The Plugin | Find Out More

Track Twitter Traffic with Google Analytics & Twitter Tools

Add Google Analytics campaign tagging onto URLs posted to twitter by Twitter tools.

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  1. Hi Lee

    Just wanted to thank you for your superb e commerce dashboard plugin – the custom CSV is exactly what I was looking for and has solved a major problem for me. Fingers crossed I get some sales and I will be sure to donate as this plugin is priceless!

    Now to try and sort out my Paypal IPN problem, although after 4 days of trying to get it fixed its not looking good lol

    Thanks again

  2. I want to increase session life time of shopping cart (wp ecommerce) . The problem is that after I have bought some items and left the browser opened for 1 hours. After that when I click checkout again , all items and prices become zero.

    How to increase the session life time for 24 hours. My wordpress version is 3.01 and wp ecommerce is

  3. please consider adding some sort of spam honeypot or verification/captcha to your campaign monitor plugin. It just accepts any post.. getting 10-15 spam/bot registrations a day.

  4. I want to have plug in 3.7.

  5. Dear Lee,

    Hope you are doing well.

    Your Simple Product Options plugin may just be what i am looking for :-)

    I would most gladly make a generous donation if you can help me tweak your plugin a bit for my site.

    I am setting up an ecommerce website (on http://bollywoodmovieposters.org) to sell original posters of old movies. Now if someone cannot afford to buy an original poster, i would like to give him/her the option to buy a xerox/print copy of the poster. This print copy can be of several different qualities (the customer can select one of these qualities based on the customer’s preference).

    Therefore, basically, for each product, i want to give the customer the following options:

    A> Buy Laser Print
    B> Buy Kodak Print
    C> Buy Canvas Print

    Now i cannot achieve this task via Product Variations in WP e-Commerce as Variations creates a matrix out of the different options and forces the user to select one option from each Parent/Group. On my site, i would like the user to select a value under any one of the parent options, i.e. either A or B or C.

    I can easily achieve creating these options through your Simple Product Options plugin.

    Now what i really need is a simple price field next to each Product Option in the WP admin dashboard where i can enter the price of each option selected.

    Based on the product option selected, the price of the product should be automatically updated.

    Can you kindly tell me if you can achieve this hack and how much you would charge for the same?

    Look forward to your reply,

    Best Regards,

  6. Joost de Valk’s WordPress SEO plugin seems to completely crash WordPress (White screen) when using product variations in WP E-commerce products.

    • I use Yoast’s plugin on several sites with variations without any issues. However if it’s causing problems for you – you’re probably best off contacting Yoast direct …

  7. Hi, I’m using your plugin and I love it, works perfect.
    But recently I installed the pluguin on a website of one of my clients in campaign monitor. And it’s not working propperly. I think is because he is in my account, so I should introduce the list ID, account ID and client ID, and there’s no place to write the third one. Can you help me?


    • Not sure exactly which plugin you’ve got since I have quite a lot, even several Campaign monitor plugins, however you don’t need the client ID, just the account ID, and the list ID.

  8. Hey Lee – Purchased WP Dashboard Premium, Love It! Saved my A$$. But is it possible to customize the “Download CSV” format? Eliminate some of the fields I don’t want on the report?

    • Sure – when you’re running the export just hit the “Click to choose fields” button..

      • I’m assuming you mean from the “Sales Export” link. Is that a “global” function? Because it doesn’t show the “Custom Fields” from there. The “Download CSV” link from the Sales Report page actually exports the custom fields.
        Appreciate your VERY quick response.


  9. Hi Lee,

    I just downloaded your WPEC – Simple Product Options to try it out. Set up one product option with 6 options and tried to preview it with the product but it doesn’t show up on the single product page. I’m using Flexishop theme. Should it be appearing there? Is this an issue with the theme?

    Seems like a great, easy to use pluggin if I can get it to work.

    - Doug

  10. I’m using the Simple Product Options plugin. GREAT solution if you don’t need to use variations. I’m using it to allow the user to pick a cord length for a piece of jewelry at http://dichroicglassbylauriek.com

    Is there an existing method to display the chosen option on the WPEC packing slip? Thanks!

  11. Hi Lee,
    I installed your “WP e-Commerce Show Personalisation” plugin but I do not see anything at checkout? Where should it appear?
    WP e-Commerce Version

  12. I wondered if WP e-Commerce Show Personalisation works with WPEC customize?

  13. I’ve been using your Country / Cart Amount Shipping plug in for several months now and it’s great. However i just found out that i couldn’t edit it at all, e.g. i wanted to set the postage to Brazil which i didn’t do before, after i choose Brazil from the drop down menu, click update, the setting chat didn’t pop up at all. And it’s the same with all of the countries. So if i wanted to change a postage i set up before, it didn’t give the choice to do it. I checked my computer setting for pop up and it was fine. Was it caused by updating the WordPress (i’m using the latest version at the moment)? Your help will be highly appreciated!! Many thanks in advance.

  14. OMG!! What should i do now since i’ve updated to version 3.8 already?? Can you recommend a similar plug in? I DO like this vvvvvery much! Many thank.

  15. Hi Lee,
    I’m using your WP E-Commerce Weight & Destination Shipping Modules and have a question. I use the Weight / Continent Shipping setting. I need to be able to separate Canada rates from the USA rates. Is there any way to do this? I only see the option for North America which includes Canada. I am in the USA and shipping from here to Canada is more expensive. Thank you.

  16. Hello,
    Please…I installed your plugin “WP E-Commerce Weight & Destination Shipping Modules” but I do not see anything on the dashboard … Where do I go to see the plugin actived and to show my different delivery rates ??

    Sorry for my english… :/
    Thank you !

  17. Hi Lee! Love the WPEC Dashboard plugin for version 3.8. Thanks for developing this. One suggestion, as there are currently no sales report type of plugins for WPEC that do this- I would love to see statistics in my dashboard for ‘How You Found Us’ option that users can choose at checkout. That way I can see which method is bringing me the most sales ;) If you ever add this functionality that would be an awesome addition!

    • Hi Lisa,

      There’s no chart, or report for it – but it is available in the CSV download – so you should be able to analyse it that way!

  18. Hi i just upgraded to wordpress 3.5 and am now getting a undefined index error on the checkout page:

    Notice: Undefined index: wpsc_delivery_region in /var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce-weightregion-shipping/wp-e-commerce-weight-continent-shipping.php on line 370.

    i am a programer myself, will check it out, I have also upgraded to the latest version of wp e-commerce

  19. BTW i am using wp e-commerce

  20. I have cracked it i have changed the code in “wp-e-commerce-weight-continent-shipping.php” to:

    function validate_posted_country_info() {

    global $wpdb, $table_prefix;

    if (isset($_POST['country'])) {
    $country = $_POST['country'];
    $_SESSION['wpsc_delivery_country'] = $country;
    } else {
    $country = $_SESSION['wpsc_delivery_country'];

    $sql = “SELECT id FROM {$table_prefix}wpsc_currency_list WHERE isocode=%s”;
    $country_id = $wpdb->get_var($wpdb->prepare($sql, $country));

    if (isset($_POST['country'])) { // WAS region
    $region = $_POST['country']; // WAS region
    $_SESSION['wpsc_delivery_region'] = $region;
    } else {
    if( isset( $_SESSION['wpsc_delivery_region'] ) )
    $region = $_SESSION['wpsc_delivery_region'];
    if( isset( $_SESSION['wpsc_delivery_region'] ) )
    // Check that the region is valid for this country (For when we’re changing coutries)
    $sql = “SELECT id FROM {$table_prefix}wpsc_region_tax WHERE id = %s and country_id = %s”;
    $region_id = $wpdb->get_var($wpdb->prepare($sql, $region, $country_id));
    if ($region_id != $region) {

    return $country_id;

    • WP e-Commerce 3.8.9 makes a considerable number of changes to how shipping information is passed to shipping plugins, and while all of my Premium plugins are fully compatible, I haven’t had the time to update the free ones yet. I had a look at your changes, and unfortunately they’re neither complete or correct, so while they may work for you, they’re unlikely to work for a lot of users.

      I’m planning (No guarantees unfortunately!) on updating the free shipping plugins in January, if you need something working in the meantime – I’d recommend this:


  21. Hi Lee,

    ok thanks, the free one seems to work for now, after i start making some money with it i will give you a donation, will have my first website up and running soon.
    Thanks Nick

  22. This plugin appears to work well, however on the add to cart page, the drop downs appear in random order. They are not alphabetical or the order the items were added or any other order that I can figure. Is there a way to change or set the order so the options appear in a logical order?



  23. I am also noticing that not all the options I have created show up each time. I have 4 different options setup and only one is showing. I have to go in and re-publish the product for each one to appear. Any ideas why they randomly appear and disappear?


    There should be Thread Color, Sport Design, Monogram Style showing under the options.

  24. I’ve just installed your WP e-Commerce Simple Product Options on a Themeforest theme called Mazine. I set up the options as described but it never appears on the front-end. Mazine has WP e-commerce installed so I was hoping that it would simply just work. Could it just be that I have to update WPEC (current version is or could it be a conflict with the Mazine theme itself?

  25. Hey Lee, about “Simple Product Options” – In the Admin Purchase e-mail is it possible to add a line-break after each option set?

    I’ve managed to do this on the checkout page by adding an “\n” after each option, but in the e-mail all I get is a semi-colon after each option…

    Thank you.

    • Hi,

      The inclusion of the data is handled by WP e-Commerce for that, there’s nothing specific that my plugin does to get that there. The semi-colon format is how the data is stored internally.

  26. Hi Lee,

    Just installed your WP newsletter signup plugin for campaign monitor and looks great, it appears with pink colour around the text and I have no idea how to fix it
    I am new to WP and your help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    • The plugin doesn’t really apply any styling of its own – so it should just fit in with your theme. If it’s being coloured then that must be coming from your theme’s CSS.

  27. Hello Lee and thank you for your great work.

    I am new to using your shipping module and edited the regions before I understood their purpose. Can I overwrite a file to reset the regions back to their original state?

    Thank you for your help!

    • Hi Deanna,

      1. Take a full backup of your site, including your database
      2. Using whatever database tool your host supplies, remove the table wp_wpsc_region_tax
      3. Deactivate WP e-Commerce
      4. Reactivate it. At this point it should re-create the wp_wpsc_region_tax table with the default contents.
  28. how can i know whether these plugins are useful for me, when the donate buttons prevent me from finding out?

    • Not sure what you mean – can you provide some further info – or a screenshot maybe to explain what problems you’#re having?

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