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Including a git repo as an SVN external


I have a couple of bits of code that I keep in a local SVN repo1

Some of that codes extend existing projects, and include external projects in subfolders. SVN has a great piece of functionality that allows you to embed other SVN repositories in sub-folders in a project, and have them automatically updated.

Unfortunately – while I’m using SVN locally, the code I’m including is hosted in GIT repositories.


Fortunately, the Internet is a wonderful place, and after a woeful tweet, the ever-helpful @tarendai came up with the spectacularly useful observation:

Turns out that github implemented SVN access to their repos. So – you can include github2 projects into SVN repositories as SVN externals – hurrah!

To get it set up, it’s just the same as a standard SVN external, e.g.

$ svn propedit svn:externals .

and then give the folder you want it put in, and the github SVN url, e.g. to include the Campaign Monitor PHP API:

createsend-php https://github.com/campaignmonitor/createsend-php/


1. Note: I’ll probably move to git shortly, tempted by the fact I use it at work, and by the awesomeness that is git-flow
2. Yes, I know that doesn’t solve it for the general git case, but seriously – how cool anyway 🙂

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