Lee Willis

Life begins at 30…


Or in this case, the blog begins at 31.

This is really not much more than a placeholder for various software bits and bobs that I’ve put together as part of running my wife’s baby carrier business SnugBaby.

SnugBaby runs on a wide combination of software, including Joomla,  and WordPress, together with a bunch of customisations – all the way through from code which takes advantage of standard extension points built in to both Joomla and WordPress (I have home-brewed Joomla modules, and WordPress plugins), all the way through to down and dirty core hacks.

So, you can expect hints and tips on using open source software to support a new (non-technology) business. You can also expect the odd patch, frequent hacks, and maybe even the occassional fully featured plugin, module, or extension.

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