Lee Willis

Getting ready for my talk at WCLDN 2013

WordCamp London 2013


Last weekend I was privileged enough to have a speaking splot at WordCamp London 2013. I’ll leave it to others who have already done a great job rounding up what was an excellent conference. The organisers and volunteers all did an outstanding job and deserve congratulations.

I’m dropping this post here to with a link to the online version of my slides if you want to re-cap, or didn’t manage to make it to the conference. I’ve heard rumour that some of the sessions were recorded – if they appear online I’ll be sure to update this post. In the meantime the slides from my talk “Shipping code for fun & profit” are online at https://leewillis77.github.io/26-things.

The source is also online if you want to fork it (Creative Commons BY-SA).


Photo credit: @ommunist



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