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Campaign Monitor Ajax Subscription Widget for WordPress


I’m a big fan of Campaign Monitor for managing email lists and campaigns. I recently set up a list for a friend, and I agreed to put a small subscription form in his sidebar at the side of his WordPress site, but also have a dedicated page for people to visit to sign up – so that he could share the link to the page on Twitter, Facebook etc.

Now, Campaign Monitor make it pretty easy to create a sign-up form, but by default the form will take you off your original site, onto a Campaign Monitor “Thank you for subscribing” page. I wanted to see if I could improve on that a little, so, having worked with the Campaign Monitor API before for a Joomla! / Campaign monitor integration I sat down to see what we could do.

The result is the Ajax Campaign Monitor Forms plugin for WordPress.

Adding a form as a Widget

Currently it’ll let you create a widget in any of your sidebars, add in your list ID, and account ID, choose whether to show the “Name” field as well as “Email”:

The result is a mini-form in your sidebar, that submits the request via Ajax without the user leaving your site.

Adding a form inline in a post or page

You can also add a form as a shortcode to your posts and pages. Simply click on the “Campaign Monitor” button that appears above the post editor:

You’ll be asked to insert your API key details:

and a shortcode will be placed into your post to display the form:


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