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Custom Taxonomies In WordPress Plugins


Taxonomy Support

I wrote recently about building a brand directory using a fantastic feature of WordPress called “Taxonomies”. Now that that feature is live I’ve realised that a number of my favourite WordPress plugins simply don’t support taxonomies.

Among the casualities were Google XML Sitemaps, and the otherwise excellent Headspace2.

Now, the beauty of open source is that when you get an itch like this, you can go and scratch it. So, I whipped out my coding gloves and set to work.

The results are below:

Google XML Sitemaps

The patch below will ensure that the pages for all of your taxonomy terms are listed in your sitemap – helping Google find the pages quicker.



The patch below lets you add %%term_description%% so you can populate your META tags properly on your term pages – great for us and our product directory.


Both of these have been submitted to the plugin authors – so hopefully they’ll get included by default in a future release. If you find them useful – please add to the threads here:

Google XML Sitemaps



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