Lee Willis

Looking ahead


I’ve spent the last four and half years working with a great team, on some fascinating, large-scale (predominantly Drupal) website builds. I’ve balanced that with a “spare-time” job building and selling WordPress plugins.

Working on WordPress plugins in my spare-time gave me the flexibility to experiment with things that interested me. I built some fun plugins, some useful plugins, and some boring-but neatly functional plugins. I’ve also learnt a lot along the way.

Selling some of those plugins has given me the flexibility to give up the day-job, and go out on my own full-time. So – as of early April, this my new office:

It comes complete with personalised mug from my ever-supportive wife Claire, greenhouse-style window display, and Bella the code-reviewing cat.

Going forward, my main aims are to:

  • expand my range of plugins – both free and paid
  • take care of some housekeeping and feature development on existing plugins
  • explore some other technical arenas

I’ll also be taking on some contract work (WordPress, Drupal, Symfony or Laravel for starters) to keep things interesting.

So far, I’ve released Cart recovery for WordPress, as well as its pro add-on, added new features to a few free, and paid-for plugins, done some R&D with Laravel and Ionic for future projects, and got a few nice contracts lined up.

Not a bad start – here’s to the future!

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