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I was chatting with some fellow tech industry types the other day, when the conversation inevitably turned to cool (“useful”) software components that we’d used on recent projects.  It struck me that I’ve worked on a couple of projects (both client projects, and personal projects) that have had me trialling and using a variety of useful little libraries / services and approaches.

It also struck me that beyond the odd pull-request / issue raising on GitHub I’d not had any contact with the authors of said software to say thanks, nor had I really shared the knowledge about what I’d found and how I’d used it. The result was the following “commitment”



So, now I have to have a blog series covering software components / services that I use on projects.

I’m going to start with a service I’ve found really useful on a couple of projects recently, check out the first post in the series “Error Tracking with Sentry

  1. Stuff I’ve used
  2. Error tracking with Sentry
  3. Autotrack for Google Analytics
  4. WordPress performance tracking with Time-stack
  5. Enforce user password strength
  6. WYSIWYG with Summernote
  7. Backing up your Laravel app
  8. Adding Google Maps to your Laravel application
  9. Activity logging in Laravel
  10. Image handling in PHP with Intervention Image
  11. Testing Laravel emails with MailThief
  12. Assessing software health
  13. IP Geolocation with MaxMind’s GeoLite2
  14. Uptime monitoring with Uptime Robot
  15. Product tours with Hopscotch
  16. Background processing for WordPress
  17. Using oEmbed resources in Laravel

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