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Image handling in PHP with Intervention Image


If you’ve done much with PHP you’ve probably come across its image handling libraries. Normally this involves using either the GD, or ImageMagick.

These work reasonably well, but there are a number of disadvantages:

  1. The APIs are thin wrappers around the relevant image libraries. Neither of them offer particularly developer-friendly APIs, and the two APIs aren’t equal enough to make switching between them simple.
  2. You have to know which library your server has in order to start developing, or make extra work, and support both.

On a recent project I needed to do image manipulation (thumbnail generation etc.), and came across the Intervention Image library. This is a PHP library that can be used in any PHP project, and offers a much improved API for working with images. The API is agnostic to whether you’re using ImageMagick, or GD, so you can swap between them at will without having to re-code your application.

Next time you’re working with images, check out Intervention Image.



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