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Show Personalisation Info during checkout with WP e-Commerce


WP e-Commerce‘s nifty personalisation feature allows your customers to add “personalisation” information to their order – whether that’s a t-shirt slogan, a message for jewellery engraving, or maybe just text for a gift card. The default behaviour though is that the information isn’t shown in the cart – or during checkout.

If you want to do that – check out this new plugin:

WP e-Commerce Show Personalisation

Screenshots below:


  1. Wow,

    This is a great feature … any chance it adds the personalisation details in the purchase receipt email and purchase report emails too?

    Many thanks, Sarah

  2. I am use wp-ecommerce and have my product configured to upload a personalized image. After selecting product, then an personalization image file to upload, I proceed to checkout as normal, but the uploaded image isn’t getting placed in the cart (says no-image). Can you advise? Is there a file size or image size maximum? thanks!

  3. Hello Lee,

    Thanks for your plugin.

    With the e-commerce version, your plugin seems not to work…

    Any idea about the problem ?

    Best regards

  4. Hi Lee, I am on Version, this did not work, I added your fixes and it still did not work.

    • You’re correct that the changes still aren’t in (I suspect 3.8.8 will be the first release they’re in, but it’s somewhat out of my hands I’m afraid). I can’t comment on why the code isn’t working with the amendments linked in the FAQ. It’s possible you’ve edited the wrong files (There may be two copies, one in your WordPress theme folder, and one inside the plugin code), or edited them incorrectly.

      I can confirm that the plugin works on with those modifications.

  5. Thanks Lee, I added to my themes folder and all is good now. Thanks for the tip. Is there a way to post this information to payment processor as well (like paypal) ?

    • Hi Thom,

      It’s not plug and play unfortunately – although it is possible – I’ve dropped you a quick email with some thoughts…

  6. Hello, Having issue displaying personalisations in cart & checkout page.
    Followed directions with edits, changed on every page I could find, but nothing.
    Any help greatly appreciated.

  7. Once a user personalizes a product, where does that information go? It apparently is NOT passed into PayPal Standard… so, are they just typing info into a “dead-end” field that goes nowhere? I’m afraid that I do not understand how the merchant is supposed to retrieve the personalization info which customers have typed into this field. Would you please explain?

  8. Hi I need some URGENT help!!

    I’m creating a website that sells personalised wedding stationery, but need a plug-in/feature which allows customers to input their personalised words for their cards! I have no idea where to look, I am brand new to Word Press web designing! :'(


  9. Hi Lee,

    I’m trying to update the plugin to display Rich Text, but can’t seem to figure out how to do that (which is driving me nuts because I know it’s probably easy). I use a Rich Text Editor in the Personalisation Options, so it gets saved into the DB with all the HTML tags, etc.

    Is there just a simple line of code to add so that it will display in rich text instead of just outputting the raw text?

    Thanks!! And thanks for creating this in the first place, it’s nice to actually leave the WP e-Commerce code alone for once!

    • The esc_html function is responsible for stripping these out, see wpec_show_personalisation.php, line 50:

      echo nl2br ( esc_html ( apply_filters ( 'wpec_showp_personalisation_info', $info, $context ) ) );

  10. When a personalization is added (in this case, the name, “John”), the widget and checkout page show it as:

    Name (up to 8 letters) John

    How do I fix this?

    (Running WPEC Version

  11. Hi, is there any way I could edit the default text of personalization form “Personalize Your Product… Complete this form to include a personalized message.”? Thanks.

  12. Hi Lee,

    since doing some updates I have noticed that the cart does not display personalisation when updated via ajax. (Refresh page and all if fine)

    After a bit of searching, I’ve narrowed it to the same fix as was mentioned here…


    Does this make sense, as I’m sure it used to update fine via AJAX when I was first testing your code, although that was 6 months ago.

    Or should it have worked without the modification?

    Many thanks for a great plugin.


    • You’re right – WP e-Commerce recently starting putting its AJAX actions through WordPress’ AJAX handler where it didn’t before (See https://github.com/wp-e-commerce/WP-e-Commerce/issues/470). Taking out the is_admin() checks in the plugin should fix it – although I haven’t tested. I’ll test and update when I get chance, but if you can confirm that works for you that’d be great?

      • Removing the !is_admin() fixed the problem, but !is_admin() is there for a reason, so I have changed the line from

        if ( ! is_admin() ) {


        if ( !is_admin() || ( defined(‘DOING_AJAX’) && DOING_AJAX ) ) {

        that also works fine.

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