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Product Options for WP e-Commerce


The WordPress e-commerce solution from getshopped.org already features a powerful “variations” system that allows you to have different versions of products. This allows you to set colours, sizes or other attributes that make sense for your store. It also allows those choices to affect stock availability, pricing and a whole raft of other variables.

For some store owners this is great, but for others it’s all a bit too complicated – all they need to do is let customers choose from the available options and have those choices recorded against the sale.

Welcome to the “WP e-Commerce Simple Product Options” plugin.

The plugin allows you to set up multiple “option sets” and then options within them. Then for each product you create you can choose which option sets and options customers can choose for it, and then have the customers choices recorded against the product sale.


  1. Hi Lee

    I got onto your site through jeff Ghazally. We’ve had big issues with variations crashing our site.

    Our site sells contact lenses and require lots of variations.
    pack sizes – 6 different values
    right eye
    power range – 90 different values
    base – 7 different values
    CYL – -0.75/-1.25/-1.75/-2.25
    Axis – in icrenments of 10 – from 10 to 180
    Add – +1.00, +1.50, +2.00, +2.50, Low, Med, High
    Tint – Blue, Sapphire Blue, Green, Hazel, Gray, Violet, brown

    We can’t add the last 4 variations because it just freezes the admin and front end. See this page http://optionseyecare.com.au/products-page/bausch-lomb/soflens-daily-disposable-90-pack-90-x-1-day-lenses/

    If you need access to the backend let me know.

    Will your plugin help solve this problem?



    • It will possibly help – although wouldn’t the choices the user makes for each of those affect the price? (Particularly pack size?).

      I guess you could use my plugin for the choices that *don’t* affect price/stock etc, and leave those that do as standard variations…

      • Fortunately all the products are set up individually for each pack size so there is never a need to choose a different pack size.

        In fact none of the options affect price except quantity.

        Does this make it more workable?



  2. Hi Lee

    I just uploaded your plugin and activated it but it doesn’t appear in the products menu.

    Could you advise what I could be doing wrong please.



    • No idea really Tony, the plugin just registers a standard WordPress taxonomy, and relies on WordPress (pretty much) to show the menu entries. My only thought is that it could be related to permissions – are you running as a blog administrator – or something else?

  3. Hi,

    Looks like your plugin is exactly what I need for a client. We need options for the customer to choose from but the options themselves don’t affect the price. We tried variations but we noticed that with tiered pricing, each variation essentially becomes it’s own product. This seemed great to begin with but ultimately, if a customer wants say 4 of one variation and 7 of another, they weren’t getting the 11+ price rate, but instead the rate for the respective tier.

    I’ve installed your plugin, and I set up the options in the WP Admin interface. I also see how to apply the options on a Product in the Admin interface, but, I am not seeing the options appear for the customer on the Product page itself. Am I doing something wrong? Or is there some code I need to add to the single product template?

    I would appreciate any help you can offer and If you’d like to login and take a look I can get you an admin login.


  4. Hi Lee

    Sorry to send so many emails – does your plugin run on WP MU – could this be the problem why it’s not showing in the products menu?



  5. Hi Lee

    I see Product options with this error message at the top.

    You should create “Parent” elements for each option type you want, and then “child” elements for each individual choice for that option. Do not create children of children as they won’t show up

    • That sounds about right … that’s the taxonomy edit screen for the Product Options taxonomy. No idea why the menu item isn’t showing up for you, but you should be able to use that URL to configure the available options.

      • Great thanks Lee.

        I created 2 product options with their children(values) but how do I access these.

        I went to edit an existing product and tried creating a new product but could not see the options.

        Do you think it’s related to not showing in the product menu?



  6. Hi Lee, sounds great. Would this work for downloadable goods? I an album (music) comes in variations of 128bit MP3, 320bit MP3 and FLAC files. The customer can choose which format they want to purchase and will receive the correct download file after successful transaction?

    • I’m afraid not. This plugin only works where the “options” don’t drive different behaviours (Price, stock levels, downloadable file, etc.).

      I can’t see why you wouldn’t be able to do what you described with the standard WP e-Commerce variations though.

  7. Pretty sure you can – you just click into each variation, and set the download file you want for that variation?

  8. This is pretty much what I need with one exception. I don’t have any price difference on each variation, but I still want to track how much of each variation is in stock. Is there any easy add-on for this?

  9. Hey Lee,

    Not sure if anyone else has come across this error but when I have this plugin activated and one of my products does not use it ( uses the normal variations ) it was coming back with an error on the page. I went ahead and added an if statement inside the display_product_options function and now it runs like a breeze.

    Here is the replacement function if anyone ends up needing it, although I’m sure you will just end up putting this in your next update.


    Thanks Lee

  10. Ahh, I see. I should have looked a little further.

    Code looks much nicer than my boring if statement. πŸ™‚

  11. Hi Lee, I really like your plugin, as it helped in allowing me to add the necessary options to my shop.

    At first, my options weren’t showing up, but thanks to your directions, I have modified wpsc-products_page and single_page to make them show up.

    My problem is the display of the options. In Firefox(Mac) the options are staggered, I believe it’s because it doesn’t see a line break. In Safari, it works fine though. I have not checked any PC browsers.

    The second problem, is that the options are showing up backwards like this:
    |Small| Size:
    |Blue| Color:

    I need it to show up like this:
    Size: |Small|
    Color: |Blue|

    Any ideas?

    • You’ll see the same thing in other browsers (Specifically, I see it in Chrome and Firefox on Linux. The cause is your theme’s stylesheet which is adding “float: left;” to your select boxes. The labels and select boxes have specific CSS classes (wpec-product-option-title and wpec-product-option-select respectively) so you should be able to add CSS rules to amend this for the product option stuff if you still need that style on the rest of your site.

  12. Nice work Lee, that was exactly the problem. Any idea why the options do not show in the shopping cart. In other words, once the user has made his selections on the options, that are necessary to process an order, they are not visible. http://aniceday.org/products-page/

    Thanks again for your help.

  13. hi,
    i am trying to setup a site for a client, and they need 2 prices per product. is this possible with your plugin?

    • No – this plugin doesn’t allow you to set different prices for the options. It sounds like what you want is the standard “Variations” capability. I’d head on over to http://getshopped.org/forums/ and ask around there if you’re not sure how to set variations up.

  14. Still no options added to product’s admin page show for me on the live product page.
    Using latest plugin version. Tried on both wpec latest, and previous version, and added the line of code you suggested.

    Using default 2011 theme with nothing but wpec running.
    Added line to theme file and plugin version of the file.
    Still nothing.

  15. Hello Lee,

    The plugin has stopped working with the new WP Ecommerce update.
    Any feedback?

  16. Hello Lee

    After we have added product options, is there any way to set the order of those options from backend itself?

    • Not really I’m afraid … I believe the options are sorted by name – so it’s possible you could name them in such a way that they’d display in the order you want.

  17. okay.. so is there any extension of this plugin through which we can set a sorting order for the product options as required?

  18. I installed this plugin, all looks/works fine in WP admin but the options box just does not show up on the product page… its enabled for this product


    as you can see there are no options showing up, any ideas why not?

  19. Testing your plug in for a client.
    Many thanks for creating it.

    Is there a simple way to remove the options from the Gold Grid Display in a Category view? (Just want them to show up on the Product view)

    • The simple way would be to remove the hooks from the Gold Cart category template file. It’ll be do_action(“wpsc_product_form_fields_begin”); or do_action(“wpsc_product_form_fields”);

  20. Hi Lee.
    This is amazing plugin.
    One thing I really want is ordering fix.

    For example, variation which can choose “month”
    It should be order by 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12.
    However it start from 10,11,12,1,2………
    Is there any way to fix this probrem?

    there’s solution for WP e-Commerce’s built in β€œvariation” function.

    But I would really love to use your plugin instead of built in one.
    Thank you.

    • As per the previous comment, the current version of the plugin sorts by name, and I don’t have any plans to change that specifically. The original plugin was developed for a client and they’re happy with the current functionality.

      I’m happy to look at porting similar functionality into the plugin as a paid commission. If you’re interested, get in touch here and I’ll put a quote together for you:


  21. I’m beginning to see this plugin is not what I was looking for. I was hoping to add a product option which is a text field you type in a url, but only for admins adding the product. not an option for a customer.

  22. Hi Lee, gorgeous plugin, congrats,

    I need to know if itΒ΄s possible(maybe with a nothing fancy proceed) to send the product options info to the transaction results and emails for customer and admin.
    At this time I have the product option selected info in the wigdet shopping cart and checkout, but still need transaction results and emails.
    I try with something like this without any success: http://getshopped.org/forums/topic/custom-fields-for-admincustomer-email/
    Any help is really welcome.

    Thank you very much in advance


    • Product options are per-item, not per order so you’d need to hook onto the filter wpsc_transaction_result_content, and generate the output there. The filter gets passed an array containing the purchase ID (Order number), the cart item record, and the whole order object.

      The product options are stored in the custom_message field on the cart item record I believe.

      Patches welcome πŸ™‚ [Or I’m happy to quote for developing this if you’re interested – just drop me a note on the contact page]

  23. Hello Lee,

    I dropped you a message through your contact form, but wasn’t sure which would be the quicker way to contact you.

    I’m attempting to use this wonderful plugin… Unfortunately, even after searching all the solutions on this comment thread and the GetShopped message board, I’m still unable to find a solution.

    Here is the page I have currently set up:

    The page will show variations, but not options. In the message I sent you, I included an admin login.

    Let me know if you can help.

    WP e-Commerce: Version
    Simple Product Options: Version 1.4

    Thank you!


    • As a note, I figured out that it had something to do with my “wpsc-single_product.php” file. The one that came with my template was a bit funky. When I’d copy over the one from WP e-Commerce, everything would show up, but the CSS would be messed up.

      Long story short, without really knowing what I was doing, I copied everything from <form class="product form" to in the WP e-Commerce “wpsc-single_product.php” file and pasted it over that same range in my template’s “wpsc-single_product.php” file. It’s left most everything on the page intact and is now showing the options.

      It looks like I have to massage it a bit more to get it looking correct… However, my issue at large seems to be mostly solved. I’m going to bring this up on the forum for my theme, but any additional advice you can provide would be very welcome.


  24. Thanks a million for this. Excellent plugin that removes the need to pass on all that meaningless data (if you’re not setting any of it). Instantly reduced load and upload times.

  25. Thank you very much Lee, this plugin is a lifesaver!

    I had hundreds of products that each had 3 – 4 variations but the same price across all, and it was an absolute nightmare trying to get all the pricing working.

    After installing your plugin and spending 5 minutes tweaking it all worked perfectly. Certainly saved me a very long week!


  26. Hi Lee

    Can you help me with this I want to sell beds on my e commerce site however when it comes to checkout it will be :

    a – Choose size of bed
    b – Choose construction
    c – Choose drawer option
    d – Choose fabric

    And the answer to a will determine what appears in b and the answer to b determines what appears in c as the options prior to check out. For example a single bed with a divan construction has no drawers, yet a double one can with divan base can have 2 or 4 drawers ?

    Does your system cater for this ?


  27. Hi Lee,
    is there any way this could be extended to have an option to choose how many of a variation the user wants. A textfield or a numeric + – selector.
    Say for example candles, choose 6 for your set from these 4 scents
    lemon – number entry field by each scent

    • That’s a standard WP e-Commerce option:

      Settings > Store > Presentation > Add quantity field to each product description

  28. I was not clear, what I was thinking was that each option would let you choose a number of that option to add to the product.
    On another topic though. Do you have any tips on what hooks might be missing from my theme. http://gasolicious.com/craft_test/products-page/blues/blue1/
    The product options do not appear. I have confirmed they are working in Twenty Eleven. I would love to fix this in the theme.

  29. Thanks for the replies Lee. I have a suggestion/feature request for some future version if it is possible.
    Imagine this scenario, the product is a basket of candles. The user chooses 6 candles. There is a choice of 40 scents. To add 6 Product Options selectors you need to make 6 separate Option groups of the scents which are all identical.

    Would it be possible to have a setting where you could say I want to add 6 selectors for this particular Option group to the product. I can see this being very useful.

  30. Hi Lee,
    Great plugin…got it working ok.
    Don’t know if anyone else has asked this or if you have posted any info on this but is it possible to get and show the parent options ‘description’ on the single product page?
    Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

    • No-one’s asked πŸ™‚

      There’s no way to do it without modifying the plugin currently – there aren’t any hooks or anything to attach to. If you’re up for a bit of a coding, I’d happily add hooks that you need so you could extend it yourself – just let me know what you need. If you’re not really into coding – I’ll happily give you a quote – just drop me a note on the contact page .

  31. Probably because your WP e-Commerce theme files have been customised, and don’t contain the hooks needed to add this information. Check that your wpsc-shopping_cart_page.php file contains the following lines:

    <?php do_action ( "wpsc_after_checkout_cart_item_name" ); ?>

    • It doesn’t have it, but when I open the core plugin that I downloaded it doesn’t have it either. If it is supposed to be there then can you tell where.

      Thanks again.

      • I’ll update the version number, but see point 5 of the installation instructions πŸ™‚


        • Thanks. I had read that posting so I already tried added that line, but no change. I also already had this line in

          I don’t know if that makes a difference or not, but it was there before I added


          • Well I got half of it to work. I needed to upgrade the WP Commerce to I can see the options selected during checkout, but when you get transactions results it doesn’t show up and when you get the email you don’t see the options either.

            I feel like I’m close if you could help a little more.


        • Thanks again for your help. Is there anyway to do what I mentioned in my last comment … have the options show up on the transactions results and in the 2 emails that are sent out?



          • I’m sure it could be done, but it’s not something offered by the plugin as it stands. If you’re interested in a quote for adding this feel free to drop me a note on the Contact page.

  32. I am starting to learn wordpress with wp e-commerce plugin. I found your plugin very useful and easy to use. Though one thing that I need to do is to add a product option say ‘Name’ and will display an input field beside it that lets user enter their desired value. Is this doable right now? Thank you very much.

  33. Hi, would this add-on/plugin allow the products to have more than one sku per product? Within my company we have products that are listed in our inventory with several/multiple sku’s for each variation of each product. Is this possible?

    • No – you’d need to use WP e-Commerce’s variations feature if you want to store data like SKUs against each option.

  34. Hi Lee-
    Brilliant plugin, we have been using for awhile and love it!
    A hopefully quick question. I would like to re-order how the text options display so that our more used options show more toward the top on the list, instead of the least used, which is currently what is at the top. Here is a sample product: http://www.newworldketubah.com/ketubah-products-page/ketubah-by-rachel-deitsch/op-fields-ketubah/
    Any way to force this?

  35. Hi Lee,

    I love this plug in but suddenly all the options are showing up twice. Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!

  36. Thanks for your response. How can I fix that?

  37. I appreciate you help.

  38. Hi Lee, great improvements for the plugin, now the production option shows at checkout and at dashboard. Cool

    If i would like to add the prodcut option to the “reciept” (product_list), where would i start to look.

    When modding “wpsc-transaction_results_functions.php”, can i somehow pull the simple product option from somewhere, so the customer can be reassured he picked the right options.

    Thanks alot!

  39. Hi lee
    I have a site i wanted to use your plugin on and it had more than one option list on it and i would like it so the user had to select from the first list before the second is usable/visible or clickable is this possible?

  40. Hi Lee,

    This is a great plugin. I have my “figures” set up as product options. I keep reading that the plug in should be sorting them by name but mine are all over the place. Can you tell me why it doesn’t appear to be sorting them correctly. They are in alphabetical order in my backend it is just on the frontend that things are messed up.


  41. Thanx Lee. I have one more question. Previously I had your plug in WP e-Commerce Show Personalisation running so that the text my customers input would show up on the checkout page. Everything was working and then I downloaded this plug-in and now the product options show up twice which I understand is because both plug-ins are telling it to but the custom text from my customers no longer shows up. Can you tell me how to fix this?

  42. OK I figured out why the custom text was not showing up. How do I remove the part of the code that adds the product option to the cart since I don’t need that showing up twice?

  43. Hi Lee,

    I found that if you have options for a product (for example Black and White colours) and then you need to remove these options as you need to use product variations instead as they have stock management and price control per variation, you can’t remove options dropdown from front end once you ever assigned any options to this product.

    What happens is, if you untick all options, after updating the product they will be ticked again. You can narrow it down to one option, but can’t remove them completely without deleted product altogether.

    It seems like this plugin don’t save information because it doesn’t treat unticking all boxes as a change.

    Best Regards,

    I checked this on multiple versions of wp-ecommerce (upgraded up and checking)

  44. Hi Lee,

    That solved the problem, thank you.

    Sorry I thought I already use latest version of simple options (february) and wp-ecommerce.

    Thank you,

    • You were – the link I posted is to the development branch. I just pushed out a versioned update that includes this fix (1.7)

  45. Lee, I stumbled across your plugin this morning and so far it looks like what I need to be able to finish my WP e_commerce store for a client. I tried using Variations and it would not work because it would only allow for 3 of the main Variations to show up.

    What I need to do is set up 25 Variations that have 31 different entries in each of the 25 Variations. ALL 25 have the same 31 different entries. So far I have tested yours by entering 5 and adding 3 each and they show up on the order.

    Here is my issue:

    One, is there a way to import from Variations over to your plugin so I dont have to redo ALL these entries again

    Number 2. When I enter a Variation and then the sub to the variation, I need to be able to enter in a sub to the sub. see the example below.

    Scent 1>Baby Powder>(Needs to have option to choose Lite Pink or Baby Blue here)

    What is happening is that it just shows up to the Baby Powder and that is all.

    Again, thanks for a great fix to my issue.

    • Hi,

      The options are just stored as WordPress taxonomy terms, so any solution that allows you to bulk import those should do the job. I’ve not come across one myself, but pretty sure there’ll be one somewhere – seems like a fairly standard requirement.

      Regarding your second point – the plugin doesn’t support hierarchical options as you described.

  46. Hi Lee,

    First, thanks for the plugin, very handy and I plan to donate.

    My question and/or problem statement: I am doing a site where a user will need to input values for 5 options on the single product page before adding to cart (think tailored dress shirt: neck, chest, length, etc.) but the ranges are so big that drop-downs don’t really make sense. So I need input fields where the customer types a value.

    Your plugin is built around drop-downs. Any easy way to change the input to simple text fields? If no, any recommendations on other plugins/solutions?

    Much thanks for any input.

    Cheers, Davin

  47. Hello, is there anyway to show the variation price in radio buttons instead dropdown?

    Thank you!

  48. Hello Lee
    Quick question

    If I had a pizza website

    Pizza base price $18.00
    Flat rate shipping $5.00

    Mushrooms .50
    Bacon 1.00
    Steak 4.00
    +13 other toppings

    Can the WP e-Commerce Simple Product Options plugin accommodate this?
    And how?

    I don’t sell pizzas but the example is better πŸ™‚

    Thanks Derek

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