Lee Willis

Debugging Problems with the Campaign Monitor Widgets


Some people have had problems setting up the Campaign Monitor Signup Widgets, getting the widget up, but then receiving the “Sorry, we weren’t able to sign you up.” message.

In most cases this is down to one of two issues:

  • An incompatibility of PHP version – the plugin requires PHP 5.2 or above.
  • Incorrect API details – the plugin needs to use the Account ID, and List ID, not the Client

So – these should always be the first things to check. If you’re still having problems, then the guide below explains how to see what error messages are being generated. To diagnose this you’ll need a copy of “Firefox”, and the “Firebug” extension. (Note: You can also do similar with Chrome, and its developer tools if you know your way around them instead).

To start, open the page with the widget on, and open up firebug. Switch to the “Net” panel – you should see something like this (Click for bigger version):

Submit the form, and you should see a “request” logged in the net panel – it’s an HTTP POST request – so should start with POST, like this:

Click on the + symbol to the left of the POST to see the details of the request:

Click on the “Response” to see what data the AJAX POST is outputting – the error message should give you an idea of what’s not working.


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